Where the history grandeur, Sakkara was founded by a family-owned business which have the expertise in the Essential Oils -business for over 25 years.

Mrs. Maha Omar & Eng. Adel Labib have thought to establish their own world of Essential Oils, then they determined their effort to success.

Eng. Labib has the experience in this field since he contributed in establishing of biggest Egyptian companies through past years.

He has concentrated his efforts to introduce a quality unique of Essential Oils and Extracts, therefore Sakkara became an innovator, creator and manufacturer of natural Essential Oils, Concrete, And Absolutes

We are environmentally friendly company, don’t utilize chemicals & the essential oils’ extractions facilities meet the international production criteria.

This company established in this area between Sakkara Town & Abu Seer Town , -These areas includes Sakkara pyramid, Abu seer pyramids & prison of the messenger Youssef- is a birthplace of Mrs. Maha Omar. This help us to planting a needed quantities of a medical & perfumed plants, this create a good relation between our company and farmers. this relation based on an exchanged benefit. this gave us an antecedence of not using herbicide or a chemical fertilizer, that is to present a good product with good prices to you.